Slot Overview: Rainbow Wilds Megaways

Rainbow Wilds (2018), a slot game developed by Iron Dog Studio, features endearing Celtic elves. The firm has brought the game back to life in spirit by licensing the Megaways engine from BTG and applying it to the original game. While the prospect of playing yet another slot machine with an Irish theme may make some people cringe, Rainbow Wilds Megaways does break from the mold in a few key respects. One way it distinguishes itself from other works centered on leprechauns is by using fantastical aspects.

The magical woods setting, complete with “noble elks and elves of the night,” provides some variety to this 6-reel slot game. The reels are set off by twisting trees, while red cap mushrooms populate the foreground. The scene evokes Ireland and alludes to the mystical side of Celtic heritage. Iron Dog contributes to the argument that Irish culture encompasses more than just leprechauns and beer. There’s a leprechaun in there somewhere, but I get the impression he’s more of a marketing gimmick than a playable character. Will that be a letdown for people who want slots with classic Irish symbols? Possibly, but don’t assume that he’ll be as evasive as usual, flinging modifiers onto the reels.

Iron Dog has taken the already risky nature of the original Rainbow Wilds slot and increased it to a “very high” level. The base RTP is 95.82%, increasing to 96.3% when either feature purchase is activated, and the possibility for matching is high. The great journey may be had on any gadget, with wagers ranging from 10 pence to £/€50.

The low payments, represented by the 10-A woodland symbol, can provide up to 1.5 times the initial wager. Horseshoes, Claddagh rings, beer mugs, elves, elks, and leprechauns may all be found in the high-paying sector. When you get a combination of six of these character symbols, you’ll win rewards worth five to ten times your wager.

Slot Highlights: Rainbow Wilds Megaways

Wild symbols come in three flavors: the standard wild, the mushroom wild, and the sticky wild. Free spins are also a staple. All of them can do something different, but they can all substitute for pay symbols to help you win more often. However, the action revolves around the cascade system, which sees matching symbols disappear from the reels after a win and be replaced by fresh symbols falling from above. As we’ll see below, getting a string of consecutive tumbles is the key to gaining access to more spins. Megaways allows you to choose the amount of symbols on each reel, from 2 to 7, for a maximum of 117,649 possible paylines. Each spin is unique, maintaining Megaways’ signature element of surprise.

The three types of wilds that play a significant role here are:

On reels 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 during the main game or free spins, regular wilds emerge with a multiplier of x1. There can be several on a single turn.

The Mushroom wild symbol may only appear on reels 3 and 4 during the main game and free games in increments of one. When it does, it can turn up to three of the middle mushrooms on reels 2-5 into wilds. When a mushrooming wild appears on the same reel as a regular wild, the regular wild’s multiplier increases by 1.

The last variety, Sticky wilds, only show up during free games on reels 2–4. Multipliers for sticky wilds begin at x1 and rise by 1 with each subsequent roll. However, they are only sticky during the tumble, therefore they are taken off in between revolutions.

When 4 or more consecutive falls occur, the bonus spins feature is enabled. After exactly 4 tumbles, you’ll receive 8 free spins, and for every additional tumble after that, you’ll get 2 more spins, up to a maximum of 14. Getting free spins can happen in one of two unusual ways: either by winning 4 games in a row, which awards 2 more spins, or by losing 4 games in a row, which awards 1 extra spin each defeat, up to a maximum of 6.

The global win multiplier begins at x1 and increases by +1 after each successful tumble, in addition to any wild multipliers. Unlike with wilds, this multiplier remains in effect across games. Payouts are improved when wild multipliers combine with the win multiplier.

There is an option to purchase bonus points at the very top of the left-hand side of the tumble meter. You may buy 8 free spins for 85x your wager, or 115x your wager for 10 free spins.

The Final Slot Judgment on Rainbow Wilds Megaways

There are times when the sight of yet another leprechaun game on the desk causes a slight sigh to escape, even if Rainbow Wilds Megaways isn’t your standard Irish slot machine. There is both enough stereotypical Irish symbolism to appease most fans and parts that defy easy classification. The magical forest may be a bit much for some, but as the old adage goes, variety is the spice of life.

Iron Dog has quickly become proficient in Megaways, and they are adept at manipulating the system to get novel results. In comparison to 1 Million Megaways BC, Rainbow Wilds Megaways doesn’t put as much strain on the system, but it does include a few extra bells and whistles that make it seem a little bit special. With the free spins multiplier and the variety of wilds (primarily sticky and mushroom wilds), players have the potential to earn as much as 12,000 times their initial wager.

It’s quite unpredictable, though, so free spin rounds may go by without much happening. Even when things are looking up, Rainbow Wilds Megaways isn’t the most fun game to play. The visuals and music don’t mesh well, and there aren’t enough victory animations to get the blood pumping.

Nonetheless, it has respectable numbers and features, so it boils down to whether or not you feel like romping around a forest. Leprechauns were a must, but they aren’t played for laughs here, so props to Iron Dog for putting a unique spin on a tired genre.






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